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When it comes to sexiness in the makeup department, Jennifer Lopez is basically the top banana. See how she defended her title at the UNESCO Charity Gala over the weekend? The berry lipstick is so beautful it makes my eyes hurt (and I’ll be keeping an eye on her makeup artist’s twitter feed to see if she spills the name of it!). But it’s the eye makeup that’s really getting me.
The eyeshadow is not quite bronze, which is what we’d usually see paired with a lipstick like this. I’d call it more of a true brown—with a hint of clay. I love this color on her dark eyes! And the shading work! Perfect, as always. It’s so gorgeous, I can barely take it.

008.jpg  017.jpg  020.jpg  029.jpg

Gallery Links:
–   Events from 2012 > October 27th: 21th UNESCO Charity Gala, Dusseldorf, Germany

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